St. Mary's Three-Sport Standout Jamie Roberts Featured in CAC Introducing...

St. Mary's Three-Sport Standout Jamie Roberts Featured in CAC Introducing...

St. Mary's senior Jamie Roberts keeps herself a little busy during the academic year.  She starts the year playing defense on the soccer team, spends the winter running up and down the basketball court and breaks into the spring rejecting shots as the goalie on the women's lacrosse team. 

In between, she's a standout student and a leader on the SMC and CAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committees.  Honored earlier this week as a member of the 2011 All-CAC Women's Basketball team, here's a few moments with this week's CAC INTRODUCING ... featured student-athlete of the week, Seahawk senior Jamie Roberts.

What is your background in the sport you play?  I've been playing basketball since middle school and played all four years here at St. Mary's. As a sophomore, I learned how to play lacrosse and have been playing goalie ever since then. Soccer is the sport I've been playing for most of my life (since I was about 5) but I only played on the team here for the last two seasons.

What is your favorite spot on campus?  My favorite spot on campus is our cafeteria – the Great Room (they don't call it 'Great' for nothing!) with all the sports I play, I'm always refueling there after practices. Coming in a close second though is the waterfront of the St. Mary's River. As a freshman, my dorm was right next to the water and just a minute's walk to get to the kayaks and sailboats we can take out anytime we want. I'm waiting for the day after spring break when it opens to students again!

Other than your team, what organization (s) do you participate in (on campus or off campus)?  For 3 years I have been a representative on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, this past year I am serving as the secretary and have represented St. Mary's at the CAC SAAC meetings.

Briefly describe the most memorable experience during your collegiate athletic career.  In my first year on the basketball team, we beat Mary Washington at home – at the time they were one of the top ranked teams in the country, it was also the only time we beat them in my 4 years. Although it hasn't happened yet, our soccer team is going to Spain for a trip in May.  I am excited to be able to go abroad with my teammates and am sure it will be one of my favorite memories!  

What is the most important societal issue facing college students?  Finding a job after they graduate!

What is your major in college, and what is the most important thing you learned in that discipline?   I am an Economics major and Math minor. I've learned a lot about the meaning of efficiency and how it applies to different types of markets.

Other than your family members, who was the most influential person in your life?   As an athlete, my most influential person would have to be my high school basketball coach, Anthony Awkward. He taught me a lot about the game and challenged me to get better all the time. He helped me to make the decision to continue playing basketball in college when I wasn't sure that I wanted to and am glad that I did.

If you could give one piece of advice to elementary school children, what would that advice be?  Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. There are people out there who might not want to see you succeed but if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!

What is your favorite form of entertainment?   I'm a big sports fan and I try to make it to as many of the games on campus as I can and support all of my friends that play sports too. My favorite sport to watch here would have to be volleyball – it is one sport I've never played, plus I live with a bunch of the girls on the team and I get a kick out of watching them do their thing!

Name three (3) people, real or fictional, living or dead, that you'd like to have dinner with?   I'd like to have dinner with Coach John Wooden to get a chance to pick his brain about basketball, Chelsea Handler because of her comedic genius, and lastly Britney Spears because she is just the best.