Welcome! This page provides you with the most up-to-date Seahawk athletic rosters. If you have any problems downloading these rosters or if you need a copy of our logo, please contact Director of Athletic Communications Nairem Moran at 240-895-4482.

Please use SMC as the stat crew code and St. Mary's (Md.) as the team name.  Thanks in advance for honoring this request.

SPRING 2018 updated 4-13-18

Baseball: Stat Crew Roster TRO • Stat Crew Roster TRX • Word Roster

Men's Lacrosse: Stat Crew Roster • Word Roster

Women's LacrosseStat Crew Roster • Word Roster

Men's Tennis: Stat Crew Roster • Word Roster

Women's Tennis: Stat Crew Roster • Word Roster

FALL 2017 updated 8-31-17

Field Hockey: Word Roster • Stat Crew Roster

Men's Soccer: Word RosterStat Crew Roster 

Women's Soccer: Word RosterStat Crew Roster

Volleyball: Word Roster • Stat Crew Roster

WINTER 2017-18 updated 1-18-18

Men's Basketball: Stat Crew Roster • Word Roster

Women's Basketball: Stat Crew Roster • Word Roster